Changing lives through investment

Welcome to our establishment!

We are a very young establishment dreaming of making a change through investing in value-adding ventures that enable new ways of exploiting opportunities and achieving goals.

So, whether you are an innovative new start-up or an established company looking at new ways and/or frontiers to add value through your existing business, we might approach you to consider ways through which to partner.

Our Story




In 2020 we concretised our idea of how to proceed with our desire to create lasting impact on society in our life time - call it giving back to society.

February 2020, Ebitu AS was founded and the name was reserved with the registrer of companies

May 2020, registration of the company was formally completed.

October 2022, formalised our investment in a new start-up looking to enable change by improving the financing possibilities for its society that is lagging behind in education and capital finance.

In 2023 and beyond, we are looking forward to new investments in sustainable change focused ventures of interest.

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Our People

Anne Katrine Sandnes Ebitu


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